Doraemon: Nobita’s Resident Evil English Release

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And here it is as promised. The game is almost fully translated to english with a few exceptions such as the filenames. But let’s get down to the introduction if anyone missed it.

Nobita no Biohazard (from now on nobihaza) is a parody of the Biohazard series (known in the West as Resident Evil) featuring the cast of Doraemon characters. The game was released on 2007 by aaa. Since then, many people have modified the game and spawned many mods and scenarios which not only expands the Nobihaza universe, but adds some new interesting mechanics and gameplay. And in 2014, it’s finally translated to English by one person (me).

Here’s the download link:
MEGA (Updated 15/01/2016)
Mediafire (Updated 15/01/2016)

To install the game, you need to install the Japanese RTP First. You can find it here:

You’ll probably need to install it using applocale or switching your system locale to Japanese. After that, extract the .rar. Make sure you’re using the same methods above to extract the files, since its filenames are in Japanese. And lastly, run RPG_RT.exe to play.

I’m planning to make a walkthrough of the game and how to get the endings of the game, as well as the ranking system. I’d say that it will be finished before March. Until then, enjoy the game.

PD: As I said in my first post, I don’t have any proofread to the translation, so I would be grateful if someone points a mistake in the translation with a screenshot and the suggestion of the line if possible.


30 responses to “Doraemon: Nobita’s Resident Evil English Release

  1. Thanks for game translation to English version. Thanks so much.
    Uhmmm I’m Fan for this doujin game and interested in storyline
    so I try to translate story of game version Muda ni Kaizouban Series [Muri no Nai Bio series ] – 無駄に改造版 (無理のないバイオ) form Japanese to Thai on Blogger – Uhmmm sorry I’m Thai.

    and this game version Muda ni Kaizouban Series is very hot because it’s become to Doujin-manga version on pixiv [by diodio : Japanese Artist] at

    [Thai Language version on : ]

    And continue release until season 2 [ドラえもん のび太のBIOHAZARD 無駄に改造版Ⅱ (無理のないバイオⅡ)] chapter 4 [Chapter 5 – Work in Process]

    so if you interested to translate next version. Muda ni Kaizouban Series [5 Season available] is the great.

    Beside I create fanpage doraemon : Nobita no Biohazard at [Even if visitor on page almost Thai people but you can post English language on this page I think I (and others) can read and understand it]


    • You’re welcome for the translation, I’m surprised that this game hasn’t been translated, but maybe it is because of all the mods the game have.

      I stumbled a few times at your blog, but didn’t check it too much because I don’t understand Thai and Google Translator didn’t help me much :c. I saw these scans and I thought that it was your doing, since I didn’t find any Japanese RAWs. Never checked pixiv deeply.

      If you don’t mind, I’ll try to translate Muri no Nai Bio series. For now I’m going to rest a bit for translating RPG Maker games (I also translate games to Spanish since it’s my native language in my other blog).

      PD: I’ve joined your facebook group. Thanks for sharing it and also thanks for sharing the translation 🙂

      • Thanks for reply

        – Ahh yeah this games have several version.

        – I have written the blog for a year so have much data. and wrote about story relation between game and manga [and some post insert relation about Resident Evil’s gag comepare clip video]

        – I already upload RAW Doujin-manga [Season 1 ONLY] at and lately manga chapter is Season 2 Chapter 4 [Chapter 5 : Work in Process] you can see in by artist name diodio

        – Thanks for refer to translate version Muri no Nai bio series. If you want any help, you can contact me at fanpage, I may help you (which I can do it)

        – Ohh It’s awesome blog , I see spanish translation game WoW great!

        – Thanks for everything, Good Luck.

      • Yes, that’s why I think people don’t want to involve with it. It’s like translating a book series with all the fanfics around it.

        Thanks for the RAW! It will take some time to translate it because I had to format and reinstall the OS recently, so I lost editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Anyways, I should be able to translate the doujin as soon as I install the required software and remember how to clean RAWs.

        Probably I will need help with testing since I don’t have anyone to do that except me. And thanks for everything 🙂

      • Mark point about this translate game
        – I think Gouda Takeshi alias name is “Giant” not “Gian” but it’s a little problem so current version don’t edit yet, should edit next version [Muri no nai]
        – This is…
        It’s dangerous to go outside [When Nobita try to leave school at entrance door.]

      • Yes, you’re right about the first one. Unfortunately, in the West his nickname is “Gian” so I went for that. You can check wikipedia or Doraemon’s Wiki for that
        I know it’s a mistranslation, but I decided to go for it anyways just because it’s more popular. Kinda like Final Fantasy VI with Orthros which in the west became Ultros by another mistranslation.

        About the second one, since it’s very minor, I’ll fix it and make a silent update about that. Thanks for checking the game!

  2. thanks for the game, i never thought someone would translated this game.. no creo que sea necesario traducir este juego al español, espero que también vayas por el siguiente nobihaza y bueno otra vez gracias.

    • Sorry for the late response. I’m planning to translate 無駄に改造版 series in the future, but I don’t think there will be released this year because of personal affairs. As soon as everything’s settled, I’ll officially announce it.

      G and G2 I’ll consider it after I finished with the other, but I don’t really know because the RM2003 fonts are garbled on my system as well as any RM2003 japanese game (oddly enough, only RM2003 games are affected by this) so I’m leaving those for later.

  3. Greeting Naoya Kiriyama,

    I have some problem with installing, when I downloaded the English.rar, it doesn’t appear to be a file but rather a document, I can’t extracted it. Maybe because of my different RTP? Currently I had the Ace RTP as the Maker, maybe I had the wrong RTP? Or other else.

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Im having errors on installing the RPG2000RPT. It has an error of \fefcefl■[g1.wav. please help me how can I download it correctly?

  5. It seems to be a nice game.Unfortunatly i cant download the file from mega
    ( browser outdated ) so can you please upload the file somehwere else ?

  6. I have a problem. Follow all the instructions and a error apear when I Install the RPG MAKER 2000 RTP And are two
    I tried to install without change the region but a error apear too.
    I hope you held me
    (And sorry for my english)

  7. I just don’t get it especially the part to download the RTP file. I know it’s in japanese but every time I run the .exe file of the RTP it always says there’s a incorrect data. I want to play the game because I’m a Doraemon fan. The RTP I should install is the RTP2000 right? Can you help me what to do? Or a youtube video so I can follow the procedure? Pretty pretty please? A thank you in advance

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